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Following the path indicated by the sign “MASSERIA GARGIUFFÈ” you enter a road entirely bordered by trees. Dense shade becomes increasingly comfortable and friendly. You immediately feel pleasant sensations inside. Suddenly the gallery of pines and firs stops. Stop the car and observe. Wonderful!
Before your eyes the primitive, rugged, wild, pristine beauties. The landscape is extraordinarily suggestive. It wins you over and you are breathless, dazzled by such virginal beauty. To your left, impervious ridges and cliffs where buzzards and hawks hover and nest, gliding undisturbed. Very young colts pawing after splendid mares who patiently let themselves be rummaged in their breasts filled with warm milk. To your right green hills of “disa” moved like sea waves by a light wind. In the center a broad landscape that accompanies the eye down, down beyond the broad valley where indifferent fat cows graze. The horizon is far away. The descent begins. Wide hairpin bends, zig-zagging, climb up to overcome the primitive roughness of the place to end up in a clearing that arises suddenly as if unexpected. It is the Gargiuffè farmhouse.
White stones, smoothed by the wind, the sun, the rain, expertly connected and set by skilled master masons, have created a home on a human scale. An infinite sense of serenity and peace invades your soul. A very sweet silence envelops your mind, elevating your spirit. The goodness and authenticity of the food refreshes your body while a red wine, transparent in the glass, inebriates you with sweetness. About fifty meters south of the farm, among brambles, bushes, wild plums and the yellow of a broom, a source of pure and very fresh water gushes, singing, called the water of Paradise. I believe that the gods would have chosen this place of extraordinary, untouched beauty as their home.

The Four Romagnoli


  • with his serenely Norman gaze
  • with his…innate friendliness
  • with its “MASSERIA”, lost in the green casket of the Sicani Mountains
  • with its exquisitely Sicilian menu

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